What does it mean AMINE S1* – that is the question people ask me most  – and I want reply telling how it happened exactly. It was a hot afternoon in September 2015, when I leaved for Paris.

I need to leave, to distance myself from everything, trying to overcome a very difficult moment I was going through. Off the metro Porte de Clignancourt I threw myself in the middle of colours and crowd of Marches aux Puces. As I wandered distracted by sounds and smells from the whole world, browsing through second hand’s objects, a silver bracelet engraved with the word AMINE struck me.

I do not know what exactly intrigued me. The seller have a way with customers… he told me a story; he said that in the Arab world this word has to do with prayer. He explained that AMINE is used to pray for hope, strength, peace and to do so you need to reveal your soul, to say nothing but the truth. I bargained the bracelet for a fistful of coins.

Coming back home, in my beloved countryside, between chickens and persimmons, I experienced days scanned by rhythms and silent that I already knew, but they seemed to me news. I started draw, cut and imagine. I drew the strength growing inside me; I found balance between joy and pain, leaving the unnecessary.

That winter I realized my first AMINE S1* bags collection… and in the following years others collections and models.

I decided to believe in my skills, learned long time ago during my factory’s training, drawing bags patterns for luxury clients, and after having worked for fashion companies in research and style department.

It was time to explore new solutions, re-think and overcome traditional techniques to obtain non-conventional results. 

As in life, sometimes we need to choose for unknown but new exciting way.

At the end, in that bracelet, there was more than an object. I decided AMINE should remain S1 ever, not to forget that start again is the true victory


Katia Ghetti